An innocent question and a powerful lesson

I'd traveled to this particular island country in The Caribbean more than 20 times before. Well-known for its music, strong, punchy signature accent, challenges with poverty punctuated by upscale resorts, and less known for its magnificent rolling mountains, rushing rivers, fabulously delicious food, and manufacturing muscle. This place often gets a 'bad rep,' so for... Continue Reading →


The essence and resonance of the words we choose to use

Words matter. Let them be kind Use words to encourage and uplift; not to attack and wound The quality of the words we use reveals the essence of our hearts And every heart needs love and tending to Words are meals we feed ourselves and others Let's do our best to eat and serve well...... Continue Reading →

Blog birthday coming up

Hey there! This March will make 5 years blogging! Woo-hoo! I'm celebrating, y'all! What started as a 1-page space with nature pics & audio, is blossoming more and more into a gratitude walk, local travel adventure journal, eco-biz bookstore, and community of celebrating sisters. Yes, there were moments of floundering and putting pressure on myself... Continue Reading →

Restaurant review: vegetarian spot in Bridgetown

On the way through town from Upper then Lower Broad Street, across Jubilee Gardens and heading towards the Post Office, there's a lovely vegetarian spot with great, friendly service and delicious ital food. It's Roots Reggae Vegetarian Café - a cosy family-owned business upstairs in Cheapside Market. Did you read the first restaurant review of an eco-cafe... Continue Reading →

Art on the rocks – Part 2

The other side of Barbados. In a quiet and unvisited area on the south east coast, there's a spot with lots of different types of rocks. Come to think of it, when you walk along any rocky areas along the coasts (mostly south east to north) you'll find a collage of textures and patterns etched... Continue Reading →

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