Doves in the distance

The beautiful sounds of doves in the distance. It’s amazing to hear doves in conversation. One dove starts the call – a distinct cooing that has very few but specific rhythmic patterns – Ooo woo! ooo oo ooooo…Then a few moments after, a reply in kind resonates across the daylight sky. Ooo woo! ooo oo…

📚The online eco-reference bookstore

What started as a kind donation from an environmentally-aware nature walk guest, has evolved over time into “Creation Living bookstore” – an online hub for reference reads on: • The Environment • Business  • Languages View books I grew up reading a book a day, and going on Sunday nature walks with the late Dr….

Creation sights 🌴 📽🎞

From the vibrant Seawater on the east coast and birds searching for food along the shore, to hiking views and fishing boat arrivals by the jetty, this video playlist celebrates the simply beautiful moments of Creation, as seen in Barbados. Contact sound library

Album of Birdsongs

🎶 💦 ☀️ 🌺 🌲 🌊 Curating a library of 100 authentic tropical Creation sounds featuring: 🐦 •birdsongs🌊 •sea sounds 💦 •raindrops 🐑 •farm life 🌴 •nature walks ⛵️ •boat travels is a joy. This album shares 20mins of beautiful birdsongs recorded in Barbados, and is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and inclusion in therapeutic workshops….

Pescatarian pizza pics

🐟 + 🍕 = this Next in the kitchen, it’s pescatarian pizzas. Loving baking these on a tawa as a light “dinner.” Stir-fry veg and bonito basmati

Homemade lentil patties

Cooking is a wonderful thing. For me, it’s a quiet time of thanksgiving for the food I’ve been given and joyful anticipation for the meal I’m preparing. On the menu: lentil patties. These can be made as spicy 🌶 finger food snacks, with or without a dip, or as a bigger burger in the bread…

Happy island birds 

A little inspiration from Creation. From the break of dawn, the sound of birds singing is in the air. It’s music to the ears and a natural cue that morning is here. (Blackbirds playing in coconut trees) Most likely, sun is shining while birds are singing. They celebrate the light and warmth with song, dashing…

Serene sea sounds 

One of my favourite places to be, is the beautiful space called the sea. A place where deep breaths flow naturally…where Creation is abundant in the sky, on the sand and in the sea.  Over the last two years or so, I’ve been adding authentic tropical Creation sounds to my publishing library, and sharing them online….

Fish pasta pie

Hi y’all, thanks for checking out my first recipe post. I hope you liked it and got a chance to try it out for yourself. Here’s a new one for all you happy homemakers. I’ll be posting this recipe series in 3 parts (as you can see, the photo collage has 3 dishes – this is recipe…

Homemade stir-fry veg and bonito basmati.

Dish: Stir-fry veg and bonito basmati. Prep time: 55 minutes  • Catch or buy fresh bonito.  • Cube and add lime/lemon and salt.  • Lightly rinse fish, massage in homemade or store-bought seasoning, curry spices and sprinkle salt to taste.  • Add basmati rice to pot of boiling water, and cook. • Place fish in…