Green parrots of “beautiful town”

From the quiet business hub of Belleville ("beautiful town"au français), to the island capital of Bridgetown, one of the newest species of flying visitors - green parrots gather and travel. Their signature calls resonate like an orchestra string section in the atmosphere, as they make their perfectly-punctual evening trip home to the trees. Between 5 and 6pm, the... Continue Reading →


Trees & Trails

Surrounded by a carpet of blue and trimming of sand, Bim is also decorated with countless trees of green, from coconut and various species of palms, to tamarind, breadfruit, mango and an abundance of seasonal fruit trees.  birdsongs set the tone for a fresh air walk or hike In the countryside, there are nuff gullies and huge clusters... Continue Reading →

Boats & Seawater

  The refreshing beauty of the water...the deep breath-inspiring sensation of sailing and traveling across a large endless expanse of seawater...warm sun, waves of breeze and minuscule beads of seaspray on skin - nothing quite like the ocean - away from traffic, tv and telephone...on a dancing carpet of blue water.             ... Continue Reading →

Doves in the distance

The soothing sounds of doves in the distance as they call to each other from rooftops and trees. Their subtle yet distant rhythmic cooing of the birds, travels like sound over water in the breeze, as they communicate and eventually meet.   Often seen pruning in pairs, doves are quite gentle with each other for the most part, even... Continue Reading →

Trees & flora of Queens Park, Bridgetown

A walk in the park... Located at the edge of the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, Queens Park is a mostly-quiet park filled with trees, flowers and activities from time to time. The grounds are sprinkled with brightly beautiful flowers and majestic trees ( including a rare baobab ). At a time when a drought is on, and water shortage is... Continue Reading →

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