Soothing Sea Sounds


rain & sea soundsĀ 

Soothing sounds of fresh and salt water...incoming rain and waves. Fresh air, cool raindrops and seaspray. The rhythms, tones, melodies and wonders of Creation.

Salad & Seasoning greens

Healthy, flavour-filled, scented, versatile, nutritious and delicious, salad and seasoning green herbs are a sweet and essential addition to any garden.                   

30 second birdsong

Early morning every morning, the ambient sounds of birdsongs floats through the windows ushering in a new day.Ā From the resonant trill of sparkies and sharp chirps of blackbirds to the high-pitched melodies of yellowbreast birds, gentle cooing of doveĀ couples-to-be and intermittent features of a hollering gawling, the air is filled with the melodies and rhythms... Continue Reading →

The Patience & Perseverance of Planting

  Gardening is meditation in motion. It is work, a guide to patience in a place where kindness and lessons manifest daily thanks to The Creator.Ā Garden giftsĀ serve as food, nourishment, and reminders that we are provided for while we learn better, healthier and economical ways of feeding ourselves. Some plants don't always make it while... Continue Reading →

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