Barbados by boat 

A warm sunny day and a wonderful boatride to the north of the island.  Watch Dive Trip video #3 filmed and produced by 1LifeMedia&Design here. Enjoy!  ï»ż Treat your ears to the sound of seawater boatride


Birdsongs in the morning 

Giving thanks for the beautiful sounds of the morning, for sight, hearing and the gift of a new day. The many melodies of birdsongs for relaxation-listening. These days, stress plays a key role in the lives of many and is a draining vacuum that affects the health and happiness of its prey. Whether you're working... Continue Reading →

Relaxing sound of raindrops 

The beautiful sound of Creation. The sound of light rain is soothing to the soul.  Refreshing and relaxing, the rain replenishes the land, trees and plants in the garden. Rain invites us to slow down, take deeper breaths and a moment to BE. Each drop is like an instrument and when combined, raindrops are a... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Consett Bay

In deep water, streams of seaweed appear out of the blue and float by like mustard-coloured ribbons. Listen here to ocean sounds and feel free to watch this Dive Trip (Part 2) video by 1LifeMedia&Design

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