Merry Christmas! 

Season's greetings and a wonderfully blessed and healthy ushering-in of a brand new year! Thanks for visiting this blog and sharing posts you like with your friends and loved ones.  Let's remember the less-fortunate, from the homeless children around the world to those who many seem to have much yet still feel empty inside, and... Continue Reading →


Light through trees 

Have you ever walked through an area surrounded by trees? The air gets cooler, sounds become clear and magnified, and the way light dances through trees is a beautiful thing to behold.

Tesoros del mar 

Treasures of the sea. It was a lovely day by the seaside, at one of the best beaches on the east to find a variety of shells 🐚 . It's relaxing and fun, scouting shells along the sand. The waves never stop - same with the gifts they bring ashore. One of the simple joys... Continue Reading →

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