Island-style fishing tours around Barbados with Bajan Anglers

For a unique outdoor island-style fishing experience - Bajan Anglers. Coordinating of fishing adventures for the whole family, groups, couples, and individuals by a top local angler. boat off the rocks spearfishing Visit the website to book your tour today!   Fish like the locals with Bajan Anglers. call: 1(246) 237 5856


Sunsets on the south 

A incoming plane traveling across a sunset sky


It's easy being kind to those who are kind to you. Being kind to those whose hearts are hard requires patience, compassion and grace.  Left up to us, the river of kindness may stop flowing or change temperature from refreshing and warm to biting cold...our behaviour can become dependent on the treatment we may receive,... Continue Reading →

The Barbados I sea

There's a reason the planet is made up of mostly water. Fresh air, the beach and seawater stimulate good health, inspire gratitude, more purposeful breathing, a lighter brighter attitude and serves as a reminder of the magnificence of Creation.

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