Doves in the distance

The beautiful sounds of doves in the distance. It's amazing to hear doves in conversation. One dove starts the call - a distinct cooing that has very few but specific rhythmic patterns - Ooo woo! ooo oo ooooo...Then a few moments after, a reply in kind resonates across the daylight sky. Ooo woo! ooo oo... Continue Reading →


📚The online eco-reference bookstore

What started as a kind donation from an environmentally-aware nature walk guest, has evolved over time into "Creation Living bookstore" - an online hub for reference reads on: • The Environment • Business  • Languages View books I grew up reading a book a day, and going on Sunday nature walks with the late Dr.... Continue Reading →

Album of Birdsongs

🎶 💦 ☀️ 🌺 🌲 🌊 Curating a library of 100 authentic tropical Creation sounds featuring: 🐦 •birdsongs🌊 •sea sounds 💦 •raindrops 🐑 •farm life 🌴 •nature walks ⛵️ •boat travels is a joy. This album shares 20mins of beautiful birdsongs recorded in Barbados, and is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and inclusion in therapeutic workshops.... Continue Reading →

Pescatarian pizza pics

Next in the kitchen, it's pescatarian pizzas. Yum! It's fun to bake these on a tawa as a light "dinner." I love merging the right flavours and toppings together, and taking in the aroma that filters from the oven while it's baking. Who wants pizza?! Stir-fry veg and bonito basmati

Homemade lentil patties

Cooking is a wonderful thing. It can be a quiet time of thanksgiving for the food we are being given and joyful anticipation for the meal we are preparing. It can be a celebration to be shared with others and it also serves as a reminder to appreciate what we have, remember those in need,... Continue Reading →

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