🎣 From sea to plate, made with love

Those 3 little words - grace before meals, really come to life whether we are hunter-gatherers, gardener-consumers, or supermarket shoppers. The process of sourcing food and preparing and enjoying a meal is often overlooked and normalized since it's something many (but sadly not all) of us do on a daily basis.The fact that food is... Continue Reading →


Frances shares her special Boston cream pie recipe and pictures of the process.

I remember when I was younger I was not a fan of filled donuts. Jelly, cream, chocolate, whatever the filling, it was not my thing. Fast forward a few years and I can eat them now, but, and I apologize if this sounds a little gross, I squeeze out the excess filling first and then... Continue Reading →

Art gardening with JulBe

"Gardening gives me great joy!" ~ JulBeArtGardensPhotos from this lovely and elegant lady's beautiful and bountiful garden decorate social media, showcasing food and flowers grown with love. With joy, Creation Living features the very first guest post on this blog, by Instagram gardening sensation, a gracious gem of a lady, Julie Benn. Join us on... Continue Reading →

Outdoor climbs and beautiful views

Walking and climbing have become a natural part of my life; adventure-filled journeys across different terrain, in all kinds of weather, from as early as the first birds sound their voices and the sun ☀️ starts to peek through clouds on the eastern sky. Though born here, I learned that there is so much more... Continue Reading →

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