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Hi, and welcome to the blog that shares:

  • outdoor adventures in Barbados
  • sights & sounds of nature
  • island cooking stories
  • gardening journeys
  • tropical home-decor artwork

I want to hear birdsongs and seawater sounds while reading.


Island Moon curates Creation Living bookstore; an online source for eco and business reference books (click the bookstore page in the menu bar to view books.) On this blog, you’re invited to:

see photos of the sea and tropical spaces
read about planting & cooking, sharing ideas and tips. View additions to the online market and include your own items.



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Here you can order and purchase books on: the environment, agriculture, teaching for children with special needs, ecology, languages, business and technologyCreation Living bookstore also hosts outdoor library events – the next one is this September, 2017. To tune in firsthand and find out when and where the outdoor library will appear in Barbados, cintact a curator

Listen to birds singing in concert while taking a blog tour. I hope it inspires your day as much as it does mine, and serves as a reminder to cherish the expressions of Creation wherever you are. Feel free to click contact to ask about a book or recipe, to share photos taken along your outdoor adventures, or simply to say hi.

🌴 Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’re inspired to share posts you enjoy.

Hi, and thanks for visiting Creation Living. I appreciate you taking the time to tour this blog journey that started in 2013. My name is Indra and I’m a songwriter, VA entrepreneur, with a joy for God, and love of Creation. I enjoy inspirational music, writing, hiking, cooking, paperwork, gardening, laundry-time, tea and coffee, sharing encouragement & resources, and living with contentment, gratitude, prayer and purpose. 

Ciao for now!



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