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Hi, and welcome to the blog that shares:

  1. beautiful sights and sounds of Creation 
  2. cooking, decor, and gardening ideas 💡
  3. inspiration for creativity from the beauty of nature.

Island Moon also curates Creation Living eco and business reference bookstore online, and coordinates nature walks and fishing adventures in Barbados. On this blog, you’re invited to:

see photos of the sea and tropical spaces
read about planting & cooking, sharing ideas and tips. View additions to the online market and include your own items.


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Listen to birds singing in concert and take a blog tour. We hope it inspires your day and encourages you to observe and cherish the expressions of Creation wherever you are. Feel free to contact us to reach out in prayer, ask about a recipe, share photos taken along your outdoor adventures, request reference books, or simply to say hi.

Stay tuned for a post on 🌴 outdoor events for women in the faith marketplace. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy a beautiful and blessed day wherever you are.


Hi, my name is Indra and I’m a song/book writer, publishing entrepreneur and online content curator, with a joy for God, inspirational music, nature walks, cooking, doing the laundry, filing, and living with contentment, gratitude and purpose. Encouraging women to share purposeful time in Creation, and nurture our God-given gifts is a part of my calling. I hope you enjoy this blog, and are inspired to share posts you like with your loved ones.


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