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I wanna hear birds singing while reading.


Creation Living is a lifestyle blog designed to celebrate, inspire and encourage.

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Feel free to visit the online reference bookstore filled with reference reads on the environment, languages, and business.

I hope this blog serves as a reminder to recognize and cherish the  abundant expressions of Creation while encouraging women to apply joy to seemingly mundane home activities that can be invitations to recharge. Feel free to click send a message to find out about a recipe, contribute with a guest post, book a service, or simply to say hi and share your journey.

🌴 Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’re inspired to share posts you enjoy.
I am a member of COMPEL TrainingIMG_2268

Fun facts:

  • I’m an island girl with a love for paperwork, and doing the laundry.
  • My ancestry is African, Indigenous Kalinago, and Scottish. My heart belongs to God.
  • While at secondary school, I was sewn to a tent at Brownies camp, and later hit between the eyes with a bat during a school game accident. Neither were much fun.
  • I love encouraging other women to recognize and nurture their God-given gifts.
  • My first “career” was at 4 yrs old as one member of a detective duo, “The Secret Two.”
  • Tea & Mocha 
  • I love travel, languages, and am alright in Spanish and French.



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