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Welcome to the blog that’s about adding joy to everyday moments, sharing encouragement, and connecting creation outdoors with creativity at home. It’s also an eco/biz mobile bookstore with study reads on the environment, business, and languages.

Hi, I’m Indra, a Singer/Songwriter, Content Manager and island girl on a journey to be more grateful each day. I coach in the area of Voice, and on shaping a thriving career through your gifted creativity.

Our lives aren’t wrapped up perfectly and permanently in a pretty pink bow. Things can get wobbly, messy, and challenging the way. Concentrating on the good,  being thankful in all things, remembering our essence, growing individually and building together are at the core of this blog and community.

The “Celebrate A Sister” series is a special feature on ‘Joy with~In’ and highlights women who shine and persevere with grace.

We’re here to encourage each other along the way, celebrate that spark we each have inside, and give God the glory. 

By grace, and over time, I’ve come to understand that it’s all about gratitude especially in the toughest moments. E-ver-y-thing.

Quality of life, peace of mind, and contentment in any season or circumstance, are directly related to our degree of thankfulness.


We are all perfectly loved.

That love is constant, unconditional, everlasting, and ours to embrace, give thanks for, and share. Thanks for joining “Joy~withIn. I hope to show you that you are welcome here.

Will you take a moment to share what you're grateful for today, and subscribe to receive firsthand updates of new posts & moments.



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