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Creation Living focuses on applying joy to everyday moments, highlighting the beauty of nature in Barbados, and sharing encouragement. It’s also home toΒ a mobile reference bookstore filled with study reads on the environment, business, and languages.

Singer/Songwriter | Virtual Assistant | Blogger. Hi, my name is Indra. I started this blog in March 2013 to share nature pics and audio documented along many hikes in Barbados, as well as my paintings. Over time, it’s blossomed into a thriving community of daily visitors from around the globe. I’m grateful you took the time to be here.

Do you wish you had more time to enjoy and appreciate moments in nature?Β 

You're not alone. Thankfully, there are ways to fit pockets of calming nature time into even the busiest of schedules, on a daily basis. On this blog, you can listen to tropical birdsongs & sea sounds on the "Serenity" page. Click to enjoy while you read. Albums also available.

Is there a creative project you’ve been meaning to start, but haven’t been motivated to assign time for?

Would you like some encouragement and tips on how to say goodbye to procrastination, and a big "hiii" to productivity. Be encouraged through features on innovative creative entrepreneurs and words & images to uplift and inspire.

Our lives aren’t wrapped up perfectly and permanently in a pretty pink bow. Things can get wobbly, messy, and close to exhausting along the way. Concentrating on the good, remembering our essence, and sharing encouragement are at the core of (new)Β Creation Living.

We’re here to encourage each other along the way, celebrate that spark we each have inside, and give God the glory.Β 

The “Celebrate A Sister” series highlights innovative women who shine and persevere with grace through guest posts.

We each have gifts to share that inspire, enlighten, and serve others.

I’ve always been a sunny-side up kind of girl, but there have been some seasons in my life that have been filled with crises and melancholy. By grace, and over time, I’ve come to understand that it’s all about gratitude. E-ver-y-thing. I realized…

Quality of life, peace of mind, and contentment in any season or circumstance, are directly related to our degree of thankfulness.

🌴 Wherever you are on this beautiful planet, thanks for joining the journey.

Take a moment to share what you're grateful for today, and SIGN UP for our Mailing List. Special highlight on the way for 2018.


Traveling to Barbados? I am a Virtual Assistant with heritage tour guide & travel agent experience: here to research and secure the best rates for your holiday or business visit to the island. Accommodation, ground transportation, restaurant & outdoor adventure reservations.

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