You matter – and don’t you forget it!

You matter! And you have a voice that matters, whether your voice is expressed through your mouth, your writing, your deeds, your cooking, cleaning, your hugs, your business, smile, your talents, the way you listen, or the way you care for matter. Anyone who tries to convince you a liar...wrestling with their own... Continue Reading →


How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Steps (an excerpt)

PREPARE FOR MUSIC SEMINARS, CONFERENCES, and WORKSHOPS with these 5 Steps: a mini manual for traveling musicians  Here are some pointers to help make your conference journey as enjoyable and stress-free as possible: Research annual music conferences online, or through your P.R.O (performers rights organization), and make a selection. You can attend however many you like;... Continue Reading →

Discover the essentials of oils, with Heather

Oils have been in existence since ancient times, and used for a myriad of reasons ranging from sacred, medicinal, culinary, energizing, detoxing, and aromatic purposes. It is with great joy that I introduce today's feature guest, Heather of "Spread Oils." She joins us for this inner-view from the U.S and shares on the many benefits of... Continue Reading →

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