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Welcome to ourย bookstore; a collection of 100 reference books on: faith, the environment, business, ecology, technology, and languages. We’re welcoming a new season and preparing to transition from an online bookstore to an eco & business center, with access to a beautiful garden. Please feel free to reach out and assist with this venture. ย We aim to provide a peaceful reference study center, and vibrant meeting / workshop space for entrepreneurs, students, and visitors in Barbados.

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This reference study and business networking space will also host women’s workshops, as women thrive when given the space to connect, network, share, support each other, and celebrate strides.

We also intuitively share what we learn with our families and communities, and this is the hope and aim of our reference center.




We also collect donations of clothing, educational supplies, and canned goods for our brothers and sisters in The Caribbean through disaster relief drives. The founder has personally delivered items to Grenada (post Hurricane Ivan), served as a packer for Sierra Leone donation drive by United Nations peace ambassador, Aja, to Joshua House children’s home (Guyana), for Dominica (post Tropical Storm Erika) and this will continue via the reference center. All contributions are delivered directly, or sent through established non-profit organizations on the island. Here are the reads in stock. Not all books are for sale.

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south coast location within listening distance of the sea
select materials and study peacefully, or make a purchase



A delivery service is available (for purchases of Bds$50. +) and for those of you living outside of Barbados, books can be posted ๐Ÿ“ฆย to you. Some books are 2nd hand, and kept in good condition, and a gentle reminder that not all books are available for sale.

Know a school, community group, or less fortunate family with a child who’s looking for books you see on this page? Please let us know, and we’ll gladly donate up to 5 books as long as they’re still in stock. We’re also happy to ask around for you.

For 2018, we’re expanding our collection. Are you an author of books that align? We’d love to feature your work in the bookstore. See books you’d like? Click the contact page and let us know. You’ll receive a reply within 48 hrs with steps on how to collect or get your requests.




    • So true! Ideally, I’d love to have them specifically as reference books. We’re raising funds for a new space and will be adding new books as well. Thanks for your input Bajan Wholistic.

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