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Welcome to Creation 💦 Living Bookstore online.

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Located on the south coast of Barbados, within listening distance of the sea, Creation Living bookstore stocks and sells eco, business and language reference books. These are 2nd hand in in good condition. (More 📚 book posts and new reads on the way.)






Seasonal outdoor events coming soon, so stay tuned for the list of 2017 calendar of events, intended to inspire and awaken amidst beautiful Creation. Hear birds singing



Items are listed on this page, and collections are made at the store by appointment. Click the contact page and send a message to C.L.B with your book request/s, and you’ll receive a reply with simple instructions on payment and collection.





south coast location within listening distance of the sea

The Book List includes books on:




A weekly delivery service is available (for purchases of Bds$50. +) and for those of you living outside of Barbados, books can be posted to you. This market is ideal for entrepreneurs, avid readers, environmentalists, eco-students, gardening enthusiasts, and teachers.

Please note: Donations of clothing for local children’s homes can be made at our office in Atlantic Shores.



Have items to sell, and overwhelmed by the thought of having a garage sale? No worries! Contact us for a solution today.


See books you’d like? Click the contact page and let us know. You’ll receive a reply with simple steps on how to collect or get your books. Traveling to Barbados? Connect to book outdoor tours: nature walks and fishing adventures


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