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NEWS: Our online reference bookstore is looking for a home: a beautiful facility where we can display these reads, and welcome you – our guests to visit, sit and study, relax in the garden, have a meeting in the lounge, and get a fresh cool glass of mauby or a hot drink from the deli. One of the services offered is the installment of reading areas in homes and offices. Mini-library assembly and design includes books and local artwork. Contact us to book a call in preparation for your reading space.

Are you an avid reader, with a love for eco-books?

We have a vast collection of 2nd hand books (in good condition) and maps for sale, which focus on topics such as:

  • water
  • the environment 
  • forests
  • ecology
  • sustainable energy
  • economics
  • Caribbean and world history
  • business
  • languages

BOOK LIST: Magifying glass

take a shelf tour and feel free to click contact and ask for a price list on selected reads.

for researchers, students, and travelers.



Indigenous Voice (Vol I & II)

{SCHUMACHER BRIEFINGS} Volumes in stock: 1,2,4,5

  • Transforming Economic Life – A Millennial Challenge (Author: James Robertson) – 1
  • Creating Sustainable Cities (Author: Herbert Girardet) – 2
  • The Ecology Of Money (Author: Richard Douthwaite) – 4
  • Contraction & Convergence – The Global Solution To Climate Change (Author: Aubrey Meyer) – 5
Good news: delivery service offered. Please e-mail us to pre-order.
pamphlets, magazines &  reports .





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