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Located in Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, we supply eco-books and assemble outfitted reading areas in homes and business/study/heritage spaces. Mini-library assembly and design includes art pieces painted on natural materials from trees found around the island. we ensure that your home-office, educational academy or national place of interest is equipped for advanced study, focus and inspiring art. Contact us today to prepare your space, or simply to purchase your next reference read.

Are you an avid reader, with a love for eco-books?

We have a vast collection of 2nd hand books (in good condition) and maps for sale, which focus on topics such as:

  • water
  • the environment 
  • forests
  • ecology
  • sustainable energy
  • economics
  • Caribbean and world history
  • business
  • languages

Books from $5. – $50.+

BOOK LIST: Magifying glass

take a shelf tour and feel free to e-mail us for a price list on selected reads. Art on sale.

for researchers, students, and travelers.
for researchers, students, and travelers.



Indigenous Voice (Vol I & II)

{SCHUMACHER BRIEFINGS} Volumes in stock: 1,2,4,5

  • Transforming Economic Life – A Millennial Challenge (Author: James Robertson) – 1
  • Creating Sustainable Cities (Author: Herbert Girardet) – 2
  • The Ecology Of Money (Author: Richard Douthwaite) – 4
  • Contraction & Convergence – The Global Solution To Climate Change (Author: Aubrey Meyer) – 5
Good news: delivery service offered. Please e-mail us to pre-order.
pamphlets, magazines &  reports .





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