I love cooking, because a big part of cooking is learning, preparing, transforming, decorating, sharing, and enjoying. This one’s a veg and tuna pasta in a cheese sauce.
Vanilla muffins with lemon 🍋 zest
Veggie pasta
Salad with fried-spice eggplant
Lentil burger.



Cooking is a joyful thing. It wasn’t always that way for me. Though I grew up enjoying many flavour-filled meals as a girl, I wasn’t formally taught, so cooking was intimidating for awhile and blossomed over time with energy, hope, prayer, and effort – and it can for you too. A joyful attitude, patience, and a clean kitchen or outdoor cooking area are the first steps towards preparing delightful meals to enjoy and share.


It’s a learning journey, so take your time and give it your best shot each and every time.

Cooking is a joy and a journey! Feel free to write  and share your homemade recipes. We’d love to feature you on Creation Living.




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I’ll be sharing some on this page too, as well as kitchen preparation tips. This is a big part of generating inspiration for joyful cooking.



Happy cooking!

Hi, my name is Indra.

Happy gardening