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18″ X 24″ acrylic painting – “Blessed.”















Creation is inspiring and Sounds like



painted canoes
These standing decor pieces lighten a room, and are 3.5 – 6ft. For customers outside of Barbados, these handpainted decor pieces can be packaged and sent to you




A painting of Barbados. I started this painting at Limegrove as a contestant of “Art Wars” held in St. James in 2014, and completed in the home studio. Expansive swirling blue carpet of the ocean, lushness of the vegetation on land, and beautiful sparkle of coral and limestone. Media: gold glass stones moringa tamarind paprika sand shells acrylic metal glitter care. Size: 48″ X 28″ painted on custom-made 0.5″ thick wooden frame.
it starts with one – gathering shells on the beach, one of my favourite things to do and places to be. Shelling requires patience. A beach can have countless shells, stones, seaglass and seafans usually of the same shape and design, and at times, the salty treasures arrive like gifts with each wave. When you are patient, these ones appear like diamonds on the sand.


“Flower” | Size: 23.5″ X 12.5″ | Media: acrylic painted on wood
Title: “Arteries”  Measurements: 50″ X 40″ Price: Usd. $375. | Bds. $750 (Painted on sea-smoothed driftwood found on one a bright beach-shelling day, this piece can be mounted on wall as large yet light-weight decor piece (without any damage to art or disturbance to surface.) This one was found on the south coast, and is presently on display and available for purchase at Balandra b&b



Cards & Prints of scenery, houses and birds, drawn from photos by Perfect Focus Photography Barbados.



Prints of houses and scenery in Barbados countryside (the spinach is a garden pic.)
Flowers In The Earth” in pen and acrylic (18″ X 24″print)





These tropical home decor pieces (3 and 1/2 ft – 6ft) are painted on natural materials from trees (found on the floor bed). They can be displayed both indoors and under reasonably-covered outdoor areas. Each piece has a one-of-a-kind design, and is gently baked in the sun after painting. To refresh any room in seconds, flip it over for a complimenting design. These are painted in mostly beach and nature themes and can be requested as individual decor items and as a set of 5 or more for large venues, or rented for stage decor. They have a high tolerance for sunshine and sprinkles of light rain. Usd.$75. – $250.

A big thank you to The Caribbean Champions Of Colour for sponsoring the first 15 pieces of this home decor line.




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