Gardening is a beautiful thing. It can be:

  • a quiet time for thanksgiving and prayer
  • a joyful moment in creation
  • an intense health and fitness workout
  • an exercise in patience for the process of growth
  • a visit to nature’s original supermarket in preparation for a good meal
  • a way of refreshing and rejuvenating the mind and body
  • a celebration of the movement and manifestation of provision in food


Most beautiful homes and spaces share one thing in common – landscaping – lush gardens. There is something about plants that is so welcoming and indicates a degree of care…someone cares enough about this space to tend to it and its surroundings.

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IMG_2623I always loved plants; well – enjoyed looking at them at least. A few times I tried growing fresh herbs but one by one, they keeled over, until finally, I had a revelation – no time was being dedicated towards caring for and tending to them. A then-busy schedule that demanded being outdoors for hours on end and traveling in between, didn’t make room for slowing down to care for houseplants. So I would return home to find shriveled once-green plants and be disappointed yet again.

Then one day, I woke up, and put my priorities in place. Quality of life over quantity of tasks became key. A heightened appreciation for plants, flowers, gardening and growing food blossomed. A passion for green living emerged and matched my longstanding love for the beach. Here’s what I’d like to share with you about gardening (especially for food):




Not only will you save time and money otherwise spent at the grocery or supermarket, but you’ll be exercising your mind and body while gardening, and also be aware of where and how your fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and ground provisions are grown and stored. There is no price for the joy of picking, pulling or clipping provisions and produce from the comfort of your home.

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Where can you plant:

  1. kitchen sill (all it takes is a container with good drainage) soil, and seeds to start. You can also recycle veggies bought from the market or a ground, and store in a jar of water (kept fresh) until they take root.
  2. plant pots on the balcony or front step. Within sun, rain, and wind range will do.
  3. yard. Add some potting mix to any existing healthy soil, and get to planting.
  4. land. For land owners or renters, a small to large plot of agricultural land is perfect.





Box hill lettuce


Growing wonder of the world

growing cherry pepper plants

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doves in the distance




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Garden gifts

You can start preparing a space today where you are with what you have. No need to feel overwhelmed at all; instead be inspired and aware that food can grow in both small and large spaces, and God equips us with the elements to help us care for the food we grow.









It’s amazing to witness plants growing. Give yourself the gift of starting a kitchen garden, balcony or backyard garden, or one right in the front yard.