A big part of cooking is about learning, preparing, transforming, decorating, sharing, and enjoying.


Cooking is a joyful thing. It’s one of the ways we show love; an expression of care. Though I am a big fan of


Vanilla muffins with lemon 🍋 zest
Veggie pasta
Salad with fried-spice eggplant


Lentil burger.





meals I don’t yet know how to make, cooking is one of those calming yet fun things that makes me smile inside. The love for it blossomed over time with energy, hope, prayer, effort, and a love for flavour – and it can for you too. Maybe some of you spend most of your time away from home, and can identify with the former-me who was sooo busy, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I’d find the time to (a) sit still and (b) learn how to cook.




Much of my life involved travel and more than a handful of moves, so there was no real sense of attachment to anywhere as “home” or “my kitchen.”  A few years ago, I stopped making excuses and decided to follow through on a love for nice meals, by really applying my hand and energy at cooking. And what a sweet surprise – and yes, some bloopers along the way!





A joyful attitude, patience, and a clean kitchen or outdoor cooking area are the first steps towards preparing delightful meals to enjoy and share.

You don’t need all the ingredients in the world.


Be innovative and creative.

Do research and have fun using your intuition on flavour combinations.


It’s a learning journey, so take your time and give it your best shot each and every time.





There’s a pleasant feeling that comes with having a meal prepared for you and being served, whether at a deli, street food stall, restaurant, event, or a friend’s house. There’s also a kind of gratitude that’s stirred up when you prepare meals at home (for yourself or loved ones) with your own hands , where you can account for 1). the preparation process 2.) the mood of the cook and 3.) the state of the kitchen. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but we’re invited to be patient with ourselves, and with the process.


At times, cooking or baking can be a moving meditation. It can also be a mini work-out, especially when you’ve got many dishes on the stove at the same time. For me, there are moments when the ambience in the kitchen is still, save for birdsongs filtering in through an open window, and many times when sounds of inspirational songs of praise, an online coaching class, or a business webinar echo around the cooking zone.


The beautiful thing is, you can design the space, and set the tone. What motivates you to get cooking creatively? If cooking is something you’d like to try your hand at, you can start today with what you have.

Fish pasta pie
Veg and bonito basmati rice
lentil patties and burgers



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lentil patties and burgers

Joyful cooking is a sweet addition to the day. I’m reminded to be thankful for food; not take it for granted. Many time while preparing a meal, I take a moment to pray for those who are hungry around the planet. There were days when food was scarce but friends were generous and water was plenty, so though I’ve known seasons of ‘hard times’, the countless ones who go without food for longer than we can imagine, is a reminder to appreciate supply and reach out to those in need, whether in prayer, through a charity or deed.



Happy cooking

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